Remarkable story of fans reviving their home


The Stadium

Documentary movie / 2018 / 80 minutes/ Czech republic

Original Czech dialogues with English subtitles.

Director: Tomáš Hlaváček

„The Stadium“ documentary movie tells a wonderful story of fans devotion and deditation. The desire to regain their beloved stadium led the Brno city and football patriots to an unprecedented manifestation of civic activism in an attempt to changs things bottom-up. The movie depits the football fans in a completely new social perspective and reveals the phenomenon of human identification with the urban space of the city. The document was shot during three years between 2014-2016.

Documentary of one place

The „Za Lužánkami“ football stadium became a symbol, a legend among football stadiums in Czechoslovakia and early modern Czech Republic. Its atmosphere was unique and it used to be the place where matches of the country’s book of records in highest attendance regularly took place. However, as in the case of other cities in post-socialist countries, Brno football stadium also became a victim of filthy games and business speculations that hand in hand with political ignorance led to a gradual fall into disrepair of this legend. Despite fans´ protests, the club was forcefully moved to another place under temporary conditions which led to general decay of football culture in the whole city. After more than fourteen years of incompetence of the city leaders, during which the stadium became a brownfield that was taken over by the nature, the frustration and anger of the fans and ordinary citizens culminated in an unprecedented mobilization of physical and political force. It was this miscellaneous mix of different characters that decided to take the course of the things over and bring the club to its historical place where its heart beats and its identity belongs. The demonstrative repair of the ruin of the stadium led to incredible media coverage in the whole world and made the city of Brno finally work on the forgotten project of a new stadium.

The Stadium documentary movie tells a wonderful story of fans´ devotion and adherence. The filming that took place during four subsequent years follows an extraordinary case of civic activism of the football fans and patriots of the city in order to change things bottom-up. The film portraits the football fans´ culture in totally new social perspective and reveals the phenomenon of man´s identification with the urban space of the city. It also contradicts the usual social stereotypes and prejudices about „the common football fan“, a topic of numerous documentary movies from football life.



The documentary movie “Stadion” from the director Tomáš Hlaváček will first be shown in Brno in two exclusive previews at Fléda club on 24th and 25th of April 2018. On Wednesday, English subtitles will be provided. The capacity is 300 places per show. Reservation and sale of the tickets: Tickets to be picked up at either Hostinec U Daana, Staňkova 17 or Funky Donuts, Lidická 28.


After three years of shooting and hundreds of hours of cut and postproduction we proudly present you “The Stadium”, the long-awaited documentary movie about the incredible story of football fans from Brno, who decided to restore the ruin of the legendary Lužánky stadium with their own hands. Watch the trailer and leave us your email address in case you do not want to miss any news. Thank you in advance for giving us a like to our Facebook page.